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Financial Freedom: The High Alert Way to Discover Winning and Profitable Investment Ideas

Publisher: The Wile Group Ltd.
Current Edition: 1st (2013)
Paperback, 235 pages, CAD$24.95

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We’re all looking for that one solid investment that we can hold on to through the years, through fluctuating business cycles and changing political regimes. Really good ideas are not easy to discover, but every now and then one comes along ... one that truly has the power to generate multi-generational profits for those savvy investors who acted early enough in its growth cycle and stuck with it.

The next Microsoft, Apple or Google is just around the corner. At The Wile Group, publisher of this book and Anthony Wile’s previous title, High Alert, we’re using the VESTS system to help us uncover it. Please read on and learn more about The High Alert Way to Discover Winning Investment Ideas.

High Alert: How the Internet Reformation is causing a financial hurricane and how to profit from it

Publisher: The Wile Group Ltd.
Current Edition: 4th (2013)
First Edition: 2007
Paperback, 420 pages, CAD$29.95

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High Alert is a personal investment book dealing with the world's ongoing, deepening financial crisis. Its thesis is as follows: A "visible power elite," challenged by the Internet, causes increased problems for the global economy while struggling to implement its agenda. Throughout, the narrative elaborates on this and offers economic action points.

Each chapter of High Alert is written as a self-contained unit, featuring specific sociopolitical and economic problems generated by the clash of the global elite and the Internet. The chapters are also placed in an historical narrative so that, taken together, the reader is exposed to a narrative of "money power" and its deepening struggle with the 'Net. The last chapters of the book propose a non-traditional and intuitive investment solution ("VESTS") to money power problems.

Former Congressman Ron Paul said, "High Alert should be read by everyone who wishes to educate themselves about the dangers fiat money poses to American liberty and prosperity. I wish I could get every member of Congress to read this book."

The Best of Anthony Wile: Select Editorials and Exclusive Interviews

Publisher: The Wile Group Ltd.
Current Edition: 1st (2013)
Paperback, 420 pages, CAD$24.95

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The Best of Anthony Wile is comprised of some of the best editorials and interviews published by Anthony at TheDailyBell.com. This book, therefore, commemorates Anthony’s favorite work at The Daily Bell, which he founded and served as chief editor until February 2016.

The Daily Bell continues to be an influential Internet publication during a time of tremendous social and media turmoil and journalistic growth within the alternative media. It’s an online publication that pursues a relentless quest for truth-telling while reporting on timely asset protection and wealth building ideas.

Excerpted interviews include such leading and diverse thinkers as Hugo Salinas Price, Jim Rogers, Wendy McElroy, Gerald Celente, Stephen Kinsella, Catherine Austin Fitts, Juan Williams, Pat Buchanan and many others. Editorials address vastly diverse topics including Auditing the Fed, Emigration, Empire and the Military-Industrial Complex, Precious Metals, Global Warming, Inflation and, always, the power of the Internet Reformation.

The Liberation of Flockhead: A modest, monetary fable

Publisher: The Wile Group Ltd.
Current Edition: 2nd (2013)
First Edition: 2003
Paperback, 103 pages, CAD$19.95

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In this true-life tale, longtime financial author and commentator Yang the Money Prophet tells us what real money is and how to make it. He introduces us to Fastalker who works for Suckerhead Securities and wants the business and bank account of protagonist William Flockhead.

Fortunately, Yang is in the house. He educates Flockhead about money and investing in an erudite yet entertaining series of no-holds-barred financial conversations that compose most of the book. Yang himself, an acute and age-old contrarian commentator, deserves to be even better known than he is. Perhaps this book will raise his profile. Yang rocks, baby!